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How it works?

Report & Earn is another free home job work from virtual office job. Its very simple and easy job work, all you have to do is report the incorrect URL we've in our database of classified list. This will help us to make more accurate classified database. In this, first you have to click the Free classified list TAB, here you'll find thousands of classified website URLs. In front of every URL you will find Report Incorrect link.

When to report incorrect link?

Open the respective Site URL, check it for any of the below issues -

1. Its not a classified site
2. Link is broken
3. 404 Error
4. 500 Internal Error
5. Blank page

If you find any of the issues listed above with Site URL, click Report Incorrect Link. On click, a new pop up window opens to Report Incorrect Link - select & enter relevant details. If you can correct the site url, enter it and click report.

Once you do the reporting, its sent to site admin. Site admin will check the validity of your reporting, if its a valid reporting you will be credited with $0.10 USD as an additional income. If you also correct the site url you will be rewarded a total of $0.15 USD as an additional income.

Reporting incorrect site url - pays you $0.10 USD

Reporting & correcting incorrect site url - pays you $0.15 USD

When payouts will be realeased?

Payouts will be released every month between 7th-15th, once your Free job earning + Additional income reaches or crosses $100 USD, before 30th/31st of the previous month.

To start click Free Classified List Tab >>

How it works?

Invite & Earn, is one of the best free job we have, all you've to do here is send invitation emails to your friends, colleagues or anyone who you know. You can also send invitation emails to your contact list in YAHOO, GMAIL and MSN.

How to write invitation mails?
You don't have to write any emails, its all setup for you. We've already created many sample invitation emails for you. All you've to do is click any sample invitation content, and it will auto fill the subject & message box. You don't have to type a single word.

I don't have contact list in my Yahoo, Gmail or MSN address book?
Nothing to worry, you can use the option INVITE DIRECTLY, and manually input the email addresses.

How many invitation emails at a time i can send and also in a day, is there any limitation?
Currently we don't have any limitation. At a time you can send invitation emails to a maximum of 25 recipients. Daily you can send unlimited invitations.

How you'll know if i entered valid or invalid email address?
We recommend never SPAM or CHEAT the system, we track all the invitation mails you sent. Once you enter or select email addresses from your YAHOO, GMAIL OR MSN its checked for email validation. Once done invitation mails are sent to those email address. But you will be paid only for mails which are delivered to recipents. Incase invitation mails are sent to 100 recipients from your end, out of hundred 30 failed to deliver so you'll be paid only for 70 invitations.

Can i send invitation mail to same email address again?
Yes you can send, for repeated email address you'll be paid different amount.

How much I'll get paid for sending each invitation mail?
For every unique email address you get $0.05 USD
For every repeated email address you get $0.025 USD

When I'll be paid?
You'll be paid when your INVITE & EARN earning reaches or crosses $25 USD.

How will I be paid?
You'll be paid as per the payout method you selected in my account.

To start click INVITE & EARN >>

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