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Global Max Investment

EARN DAILY 7% INTEREST (ROI) or 110% Weekly Interest
7% Daily Interest Plan (Min. Investment $25 USD or Rs.1500/-)

This plan was designed to return a steady daily interest of exactly  7% on principal (deposit), and last 30 calendar days. Interest will be auto credited into your account balance every business day (Monday to Friday) until your principal has expired after 30 calendar days. Upon expiry the interest would stop being credited unless you invest further.
If you'd start with $10,000 deposit, you'll be credited $700 interest every  24 hours (on business days) for 30 calendar days.

After 14 business days you'll pass break even point with over 100% back and upon expiry your balance will amount to a total of ~ $15,400. You can withdraw from balance or re-invest (Compound) at anytime to increase your average monthly profit.

Plan Name : G7 Plan
Plan Terms : 7% Daily for 30 Calendar Days
Plan Conditions : Mon to Fri, Principal Expired
Total Monthly Profits : ~154% Gross Return (54% Net)
Compound (Re-invest) : Up to 7 Active Slots
Min - Max Per Withdrawal : $2.5 - No Limit
Min - Max Deposit Per Slot : $25 - $10,000

110% Weekly Interest Plan (Min. Investment $25 USD or Rs.1500/-)

This short term plan was created for trial. It will return 10% net profit on your principal (deposit) after 7 calendar days. You will receive exactly 110% return in total (even on non-business days). The plan short lifespan gives less possibility for compounding and lower returns when compared to our longer term monthly ‘G7 Plan’, but it should be preferable for members seeking out a faster break even point of 1 week.

If you'd start with $10,000 deposit in this plan, you'll be credited a total return of $11,000 after exactly 7 calendar days. Your net profit $1,000 and your principal of $10,000 will be automatically added into your account. You can choose to withdraw or re-invest to increase your profits at anytime.

Plan Name : Weekly Plan
Plan Terms : 110% After 7 Days (1 Week)
Plan Conditions : Principal Expired (Not Returned)
Total Weekly Profits : ~110% Gross Return (10% Net)
Compound (Re-invest) : Up to 7 Active Slots
Min - Max Per Withdrawal : $2.5 - No Limit
Min - Max Deposit Per Slot : $25 - $10,000

To get started create an account at
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Next, you can pay the investment amount for any of the plan, through Netbanking, Neteller, Skrill, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bitcoins etc. For more details on how to pay please contact us.

For western union / Moneygram plz request more details at with subject: Western union/ MoneyGram details required.

On confirmation of your payment, your interest period will start immediately.
Payout are sent directly to your Bank account (Indian Customers), Bank Wire transfer (International Customers), PayPal, Western union, Moneygram etc.

Our investment plans are open for everyone, round the globe.
For any further details or query, do contact us on
or call us on +91-9220925433

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